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There are rumors that the Russian president was targeted by an attack while driving to his official residence. Secret information about his movements would have been compromised.

Was Vladimir Putin the target of an assassination attempt? New rumors were launched by the anti-Kremlin Telegram channel General GVR. If it is not specified when these facts would have taken place, sources close to the Russian president would have explained that his limousine would have been hit by an explosion at the front left level which was followed by a “thick smoke”. Putin is said to have escaped unharmed and was taken to a secure location. Several arrests by his security service would have taken place after the incident. 

The same source claims that Vladimir Putin was returning to his official residence and his limousine was in a “decoy” convoy for security purposes. The “rescue” convoy was reportedly composed of five armored cars, with the Russian president occupying the third. It is reported that some of his bodyguards disappeared while secret information about the Kremlin boss’s movements had been compromised.

In particular, the General GVR Telegram channel explained, “On the way to the residence, a few kilometers away, the first escort car was blocked by an ambulance, the second escort car went around without stopping because of the obstacle and during the detour a strong detonation sounded at the front left (of Putin’s car) followed by thick smoke.” And “despite the control problems”, the car would have left the scene of the attack to reach the security of the residence. For several months, rumors have been circulating about Vladimir Putin’s state of health without any of these reports being confirmed. The ones about potential assassination attempts and the use of look-alikes have not been confirmed either.


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